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The Sturdy - Long Range Folding Electric Wheelchair with Heated Seat

A premium, sturdy, sleek-looking chair that gives more terms of comfort and functionality than anything in it's price range, including long-range airline batteries and a heated seat.

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Our Story & History

The Glebe brand has a long heritage stretching back over 30 years and now specialises in bringing innovative, premium mobility products direct to UK customers.

With more than 10 years trading Nationwide from our premesis in Wiltshire (company number 08132144) Mobility South West Limited has evolved the Glebe brand constantly over time, and what first started out as a services company to hospitals and nursing homes now has now evolved into a bustling e-commerce operation combining a strong range of exclusively-imported, futuristic and premium products with an old-school friendly attitude to customer service.

Through our many iterations over the years, we've had a great deal of time to learn not only what's important when it comes to mobility equipment, but also which aspects of our industry are stuck in the past, and are making it our mission to develop something unique with Glebe Mobility.

Most retailers in our industry are plagued by one of the following problems:

  • Low-Priced online shop selling cheap products that come with less-than-ideal warranty policies
  • Over-Priced showroom and in-home salesmen that inflate the cost of equipment hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds over their real-world value.
  • Run of the mill traditional retailers still all selling the same ancient, uninspired equipment as everybody else

Glebe Mobility was born out of recognition that as younger generations come to a phase in their life where they need a mobility product, they deserve to be excited about purchasing something that stands out from the crowd in all aspects of design, both in the appearance of our products, and the careful thought into how we can make them more useful and truly valuable for the money paid

We've condensed nearly a thousand products from our range into less than a hundred for Glebe Mobility, only bringing the best product from each category, along with our own-branded products which have each been specifically designed to bring more features to the table for the same price as other competitor products, all while looking smarter and ditching the traditional boring colours you see on every other scooter, wheelchair etc.

It's not just the products on our site that we believe are the best - It's the aftercare too. Every product comes with an engineer warranty as standard, meaning if anything goes wrong, we can send engineers, or uplift your product to our workshop completely free of charge.

See the product description for full breakdown of specifications and features
Glebe Mobility

This luxury model builds on the success of our flagship chair with premium touches you won't find anywhere else such as long-range airline batteries and a heated seat.

Our luxury model electric wheelchair is a simple to fold, premium mobility device that provides a range of features you wouldn't normally expect at this price range. Please be sure to check the features list further down the page for a full breakdown of everything that makes this chair special.

This current model version now on sale has been revised to make it even more comfortable with an updated frame design that provides more traction, new low-angle front castors for better maneuverability, longer-range batteries that are still airline friendly and of course the new heated seat! Please bear in mind this chair is now only sold in the improved matt-black paint as shown in the first image above - all other photos are the old grey paint and therefore for illustration purposes only.

Long Range, AND Airline Friendly.

In another first for folding powerchairs, this new model features dual 9ah batteries for 18ah total capacity. This would normally be too large for airline travel, however because each battery is only 9ah/233Wh each, and the chair can run off only 1 battery with the other being a spare, it is compliant with standard reqirements for airline travel.

Upgraded 250w Brushless Motors

We've upped the power from our brushless motors to provide 500w of power combined. This is more than you typically see on folding powerchairs and gives the chair enough torque and 'grunt' to tackle slopes and other obstacles.

Removable, Washable Seating

Both the backrest and seat cushions can be removed and unzipped for popping in the washing machine. Some customers also take advantage of this to replace the cushions with their own, which are normally easy to fit thanks to the velcro on the chair.

Lap AND Leg Belts Included

Provided inside the toolkit is an optional lap and leg belt you can use if needed to keep yourself secure when driving. The leg belt clips in under the front of the seat and can stop the legs of those with motor issues sliding off the footplate, while the lap belt threads through the lower backrest to hold you in.

Updated Frame, More Traction.

Due to their light weight, all folding powerchair brands compromise on traction when compared to their much heavier, non-folding counterparts. We've made several revisions to combat this - The tyres have been made stickier, the front castors updated to provide less turning resistance, and a revision to the overall balance of the frame.

Under-Seat Storage

A large under-seat storage basket allows you to carry around 8 bottles of water as a reference. Some customers also use it to hold a spare set of batteries. There is also a large storage slip on the back of the seat that can hold large documents and other flatter items.

Seat Heating Integrated

Driving the chair during the colder months of the year isn't so daunting now thanks to the heated seat. Powered from the joystick's charging port when in use, the heating elements inside the seat cushions are controlled by a button on the side of the seat and have 3 settings.

On and Off-Board Charging

Charge the batteries by plugging one charger into the joystick, or remove both batteries from each side and charge them off the chair. We include two chargers in the box so you can charge the pair of batteries at the same time.

Anti-Tip Protection.

With the upgrades made to the frame, tyres, batteries and motors, this chair is quite comfortable handling inclines, however as a safety precaution, large anti-tippers are also present to help prevent a tip-back in the event of attempting a slope that's too steep.

Integrated Suspension

Smooth out the ride with our seat suspension, which combined with our large pneumatic tyres and generous seat cushioning make for a very comfortable driving experience.

Updated Joystick Controls

An all-new compact controller provides simple controls for all the chair's functions and display for speed and battery life, while providing a smoother driving experience.

Armrest Widening Kit Available

Some customers might want wider arm-rests than the standard 18 inches. For this, we can pre-install wider arm-rests for you before dispatch for £60 charge on the accessories list. The kit increases the width of the arm-rests to 20 inches.

Easy To Fold.

The Luxury powerchair is incredibly easy to fold. A large locking clip at the back of the seat is easy to grab and lock/unlock from the frame. The chair can be folded in less than 5 seconds with little effort.

Accessories - Cup Holder

Carry large and small beverages with this adjustable cup holder. Note that this inserts into bracket on the armrest not holding the joystick, so you can't use this if the phone holder is already installed there.

Accessories - Phone Holder

Fits all sizes of phone and is angle adjustable. Note that this inserts into bracket on the armrest not holding the joystick, so you can't use this if the cup holder is already installed there.

Accessories - Side Bag

This side bag that slots over either armrest is perfect for storage which is in easy reach of the user. The perfect place to put objects needed for day to day outings.

Accessories - Travel Case

Keep your power chair protected from scratches and scrapes when it's travelling and place it in a protective case. The case has a handle and storage pocket for holding the loose articles such as chargers and toolkit.

Accessories - Attendant Control Bracket

As another way to control the chair, you can mount the joystick to the handlebars for an attendant/carer to control the chair while pushing with this accessory.

Accessories - Headrest

This plush headrest is a great option for extra head and neck support for those longer journeys and is fully height and angle adjustable. The bolstered sides also add some stability to the neck.

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