Warranty & Insurance

Submitting a warranty claim

Need help getting one of our products fixed? Please use this button to submit a warranty request. We respond to all requests very quickly, normally within 1 working day.

What's the difference between insurance and warranty?

Warranty is included as standard for the first year on all our products (and longer on certain items, which is mentioned in the warranty tab on each product's page), and covers something becoming faulty. Insurance is completely optional and provides cover for accidents, such as theft, user-caused damage, and the consequences of an accident such as injury. Insurance is available on all our powered mobility products, from 1-5 years, and on our furniture as a one-off payment for 5 year cover.

What happens if I need a warranty repair?

  • If the fault is obvious and easy to repair: We will make an appointment for an engineer to visit your home to replace the faulty parts free of charge.
  • If the fault is obvious but hard to repair, or the item needs diagnostic work: We will uplift the item from your home to our workshop free of charge. Normally we have things repaired and on their way back with customers within 3 working days after they've been collected.
  • If the fault is not obvious and requires diagnostic work: We will ask you to either deliver your item into our workshop in Wiltshire in person or with your own courier, or utilise our collection courier service for a £70 deposit for large items such as scooters, powerchairs or furniture, and £20 for smaller items like rollators. This deposit is refunded if a genuine fault is found with the item, with repairs then being made and the item returned to you by our courier at our own cost.
  • If the fault is discovered to be caused by user error or accident: We will contact you with a repair and return quote for approval before making repairs. Costs for user-damaged repairs will also include the collection and return delivery charges, unless the customer delivers and collects themselves. If you are concerned about this possibility and are buying a scooter or electric wheelchair, we recommend taking out insurance at the point of purchase, which covers the cost of accidental factors such as user damage and theft.

What does the optional scooter/powerchair insurance cover?

The 'Standard' insurance option covers loss, damage, legal liability for injuring others, breakdown recovery, loss of keys, personal injury and loss of belongings, hire costs while waiting for repair, plus cover for mugging.

If you choose to opt-in when ordering, we can offer 1 month of Plus insurance free of charge. Many customers choose this option as it gives peace of mind while you spend the first month getting used to your Power Chair, in the knowledge there is no automatic renewal and therefore no unexpected direct debit when the month ends, instead the insurer, Mark Bates Ltd, will be in touch to check if you want to renew. You can view full details on the free insurance in the IPID here.

'Plus' insurance adds cover for punctures, legal cover if someone else hits you, pet and dental cover, automatic cover for any manual wheelchairs you own, and any driver using your power chair or scooter being automatically covered. You can view the full breakdown of the things covered by both the standard and the plus insurance in the IPID here.

What does the optional 5yr Furniture cover include?

This paid option extends the warranty covering parts, labour and call-outs in the event of a fault to a total of 5 years and also adds accidental damage cover, to ensure that you are insured against pet damage, stains and more. For full details on this insurance policy, please click here to view the Insurance Product Information Document.

Warranty Exclusions on all products

  • Labour or call-out availability and/or costs to outlying islands - We do not guarantee that call-outs or labour will be covered on any outlying island. Only mainland England, Scotland and Wales are guaranteed by our warranty policies. Despite this, we will always do our best to remedy issues where the product was delivered to an outlying island..
  • Damage caused to the product caused by improper use or assembly.
  • Carriage costs to and from our head offices where an item is found to not be faulty - Where a product cannot be found to be faulty by our field engineers, and/or the customer requests a final inspection at our head office, we reserve the right to charge the customer a carriage deposit to and from their premises up to the value of £100. This purely covers our carriage costs. If a genuine fault is found with the product, this deposit will be fully refunded.
  • Perishable (wear and tear) components such as worn tyres, punctures, and material wear marks.
  • Damage caused by the user such as scrapes or damage from liquids.
  • Batteries: The max warranty on mobility batteries is 1 year (6 months on clearance items) and is only effective if the batteries have been treated properly as per the instructions that came with your product.
  • Taking your equipment outside the UK. Unfortunately at the moment, we are only UK-Based and cannot extend any engineer services, whether paid for, or included in your warranty outside of the English, Welsh and Scottish Mainland
  • Any mobility product suffering loss or damage occurring whilst in the possession or control of airport authorities, airlines, baggage handlers or whilst on an aircraft.