We accept trade-ins of mobility scooters and power wheelchairs, whether faulty or in working order and can accept trade-ins from anywhere in on the mainland only in England, Scotland and Wales.

If trade-ins are available against a product, you will see an option to trade-in on the add-to-cart form. This will reveal some boxes to enter the type of equipment you are trading in. Once you've entered this information, a discount code will be revealed for you to use at checkout for a discount off your new purchase. We then call you to arrange the swapover of your old trade-in for your new purchase.

Our Trade-In Prices

In addition to free collection, we offer the following discounts off a new purchase when you trade in:

In working order

  • 4mph/Pavement Mobility Scooter/Powerchair: £75
  • 6-8mph/Road Mobility Scooter/Powerchair: £125
  • Lithium Battery Mobility Scooter/Powerchair: £200


  • 4mph/Pavement Mobility Scooter/Powerchair: £25
  • 6-8mph/Road Mobility Scooter/Powerchair: £50
  • Lithium Battery Mobility Scooter/Powerchair: Not accepted

How we justify our trade-in prices

Traditionally, only retailers that focus on high-street sales have offered trade-ins on mobility scooters, due to the fact their significantly higher retail prices allow them to offer a large 'discount' to the customer for their trade-in. The reality, however, is that even with a seemingly larger trade-in value, the customer almost always, still ends up paying a higher price for the product.

As a retailer focused on internet sales, we have decided to trial a reverse method of this scheme with the aim to create a win-win for both ourselves and the customer. Instead of creating a false equivalent, we will discount a smaller trade-in value amount from our already extremely competitive retail price. This allows us to mitigate our risk, as we cannot reasonably inspect the trade-in scooters before they arrive back with us, and still results in the customer getting the product they want at an unbeatable price below any of our competitors, while enjoying the convenience of having their old model collected.

What happens if I cancel or return an item I've already traded in my old goods for?

Please note that all trade-ins are final and cannot be returned. We will instead offer to pay your return carriage fees in case your new scooter isn't suitable or wanted and issue a cheque for the difference if you're still in credit after and restocking fees have been deducted for possible damage or missing items/packaging.

Example: You purchased a £1000 new scooter from us, and traded in a working lithium battery scooter which would give you £200 credit. You returned your new purchase undamaged and in it's original packaging via our returns' collection service. As the item was undamaged and in original packaging, you would have £200 credit and because you've traded in, we also waive the £50 returns collection cost that normal customers have to pay if returning something unwanted to cover transport costs. Therefore we issue you a cheque for £200.