VAT Relief

Under HMRC Notice 701/7, you don't have to pay VAT on goods intended to assist with your long-term disability or illness, provided they are intended for personal or domesic use. The vast majority of our products were designed for this purpose, and so you will see the 'with VAT relief' label next to our prices. We have made it easy to order with VAT relief, which is explained below:

What products are eligible?

Most of our products were designed for those with long-term illnesses or disabilities and are clearly marked with a 'with VAT relief' label next to the product's price.

A very small portion of products are not eligible for VAT relief, because while they may asssist you in your daily life, they were not originally designed for use solely to assist with a disability or illness. An example of this would be our fireside chairs - Because they have no lift function, they are essentially ordinary pieces of furniture and are not eligible for VAT relief.

What counts as a long-term disability or illness?

Any illness or disability qualifies, so long as it is a chronic condition that is not due to be alleviated anytime soon.

For example: Buying a pair of crutches for a broken leg would not qualify you, because this is something you will recover from.

However, if a polio survivor were to buy our long-term ergobaum crutches, this would qualify because the customer's condition is chronic, and they need the crutches to alleviate the disability caused by their long-term condition.

What counts as 'personal or domestic use'?

This means the goods must be brought by, or purchased on behalf of someone who intends to use them for their daily life, and not for commercial purposes, such as renting or use within a business.

Care homes who purchase goods for use within their facility are not exempt from paying VAT, even if the goods are for specific residents (unless they are a registered charity). The only way a care home resident can obtain VAT exempt equipment for their personal use is if the goods are purchased by them, or one of their family members.

How do I order with VAT Relief?

We have a simple form built into our checkout that willl ask for your medical condition or illness.

If you are buying the goods on behalf of someone else, you will also have to input the name of the person the goods are for.

Registered charities can also input their charity number to claim VAT exemption.

If you are a business or not disabled or chronically ill, you will be directed to contact us so that we can generate a link to a payable invoice including VAT to process your order.