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The Wiltshire Height Adjustable Bed & Mattress Package


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Our Story & History

The Glebe brand has a long heritage stretching back over 30 years and now specialises in bringing innovative, premium mobility products direct to UK customers.

With more than 10 years trading Nationwide from our premesis in Wiltshire (company number 08132144) Mobility South West Limited has evolved the Glebe brand constantly over time, and what first started out as a services company to hospitals and nursing homes now has now evolved into a bustling e-commerce operation combining a strong range of exclusively-imported, futuristic and premium products with an old-school friendly attitude to customer service.

Through our many iterations over the years, we've had a great deal of time to learn not only what's important when it comes to mobility equipment, but also which aspects of our industry are stuck in the past, and are making it our mission to develop something unique with Glebe Mobility.

Most retailers in our industry are plagued by one of the following problems:

  • Low-Priced online shop selling cheap products that come with less-than-ideal warranty policies
  • Over-Priced showroom and in-home salesmen that inflate the cost of equipment hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds over their real-world value.
  • Run of the mill traditional retailers still all selling the same ancient, uninspired equipment as everybody else

Glebe Mobility was born out of recognition that as younger generations come to a phase in their life where they need a mobility product, they deserve to be excited about purchasing something that stands out from the crowd in all aspects of design, both in the appearance of our products, and the careful thought into how we can make them more useful and truly valuable for the money paid

We've condensed nearly a thousand products from our range into less than a hundred for Glebe Mobility, only bringing the best product from each category, along with our own-branded products which have each been specifically designed to bring more features to the table for the same price as other competitor products, all while looking smarter and ditching the traditional boring colours you see on every other scooter, wheelchair etc.

It's not just the products on our site that we believe are the best - It's the aftercare too. Every product comes with an engineer warranty as standard, meaning if anything goes wrong, we can send engineers, or uplift your product to our workshop completely free of charge.

Coming in an exclusive chrome-studded design, the Wiltshire is the perfect choice for those need an electric height and angle-adjustable platform to care for a family member that still looks like a normal bed.


Height and angle adjustable base for enhanced care.

The Wiltshire is the only bed in our range to feature a high-low lifter in addition to backrest and legrest adjustment. This allows for easier making of the bed, as well as helping carers to perform daily assistence to someone who might need more full-time care.


Handcrafted in Britain

Each bed model goes through rigorous design and testing processes at our highly experienced British Factory, which uses only high quality timber, and fine padding and upholstery to cut, bolt, screw and glue each bed together to order.

Home Installation Included

As a complete package, we include engineer home installation with every bed, which includes a 2-man team visiting your home within 5-6 weeks of order and setting up the bed and demonstrating the controls. You can also opt to have an old bed removed at the same time.


5 Year Warranty

Every order comes with a 3 year warranty on all moving parts to back up the solid quality of our beds. We also include 1 year's cover on the mattress, electrics, fixtures/fittings and upholstery, plus you can insure the bed against accidental damage for 5 years for just £80.


20 Stone

Weight Limit


Mattress to floor


Backrest and legrest


Headboard height


Total length

Made To Order

Not returnable

Mattress Options



A high quality and great value mattress offering great postural support ideal for those longing for a good nights sleep. It comes with a tufted Coolmax top fabric and quilted beige fabric borders.

Ideal user: Someone who prefers a plain pocket sprung mattress looking for the best value for money.



A 10” medium density with 8″ ortho sprung memory and 2″ memory foam topper. A high quality and great value mattress offering great posture support, coming in a stylish coolmax breathable fabric with grey quilted boarders.

Ideal user: Someone wanting a comfy memory-topped mattress that wants the best value for money.



A premium upgrade to the willow, the hazel features 1000 pocket springs and an inch of memory foam, all topped with tencel, a 4-way stretchy and soft sleeping surface.

Ideal user: Someone wanting a high-quality medium firmness mattress that uses superior materials and more springs for longjevity.



The birch is a soft mattress comprised of 8" reflex and 2" memory foam, all covered in a special topping that stretches with the body and is incredibly soft.

Ideal user: Someone who wants to 'sink into' their bed and prefers things to be on the warmer and softer side.



The cherry features 9" of memory foam and 1" of gel foam which helps regulate body temperature, covered in Heaton - A special pressure relieving, stretchy surface that results in a true medium firmness.

Ideal user: Those worried about ordering a mattress that's too firm or too soft, or too hot or cold, the Cherry sits in that 'just right' zone for most customers.



Firmest mattress within the range with 8″ firm ortho foam with 2″ memory foam top layer, finished off with a knitted, quilted top.

Ideal user:
Someone who wants a particularly firm foam mattress at a good price without compromising on quality.

Oak6/10Standard10" Pocket 600QuiltCoolmaxCool-Standard
Willow6/10Standard8" Pocket 6002" Memory FoamCoolmaxStandard
Hazel7/10Premium9" Pocket 10001" Memory FoamTencel SoftStandard
Birch4/10Premium8" Reflex Foam2" Memory FoamSoft FinishStandard-Warm
Cherry5/10Premium9" Reflex Foam1" Gel FoamHeaton SoftStandard
Spruce8/10Standard8" Ortho Foam
2" Memory Foam

Fabric Options



Our chinelle fabric is provided from the Belvedere collection by Christina Marrone fabrics, and comes in a wide variety of colours that have the look and feel of draylon velvet.

100% Polyester, 70,000 rub test.


Compare the Range


The Broadwell

Our original, best-selling British adjustable bed package

  • Adjustable backrest and legrest
  • Wired remote
  • Huge range of surround designs, mattress options and fabrics
  • Outstanding value for money

DreamFlex Classic

New for 2024, a luxury upgrade to the Broadwell

  • Adjustable backrest and legrest
  • Wireless remote(s)
  • Programmable memory positions and TV. zero-g & anti-snore presets
  • Control the bed from your smartphone via an app
  • Battery backup system in case of a power cut

DreamFlex Premier

Everything Included on the DreamFlex, plus:

  • Powered lumbar and headrest adjustment
  • RGB Mood lighting system replaces the standard under-bed lighting.
  • Bluetooth speaker system integrated, ideal for those who like to listen to white noise when falling asleep.
  • Added motion sensors raise the lights when getting in and out of bed in the middle of the night.

Wiltshire High-Low

Everything included on the Broadwell, plus an electric high-low adjustment to raise the whole bed up when needed to assist wire care for more dependent users.

  • Only available in 3ft and 4ft single bed options.
  • Drawers not available due to the high-low mechanism
  • Exclusive studded headboard

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