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The Bourne - Dual Motor Riser Recliner

A comfy, stylish chair that looks good in any setting with its contemporary leafy print. Independent control of the legrest and rise/recline mechanism makes for good long-term comfort.

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Colour: Latte Leaf

Classic comfort.

A solid combination of function and style, the Bourne combines a deep backrest cushion with firmer arm-rests and a dual-motor design to ensure it's stable when getting in an out, as well as very comfortable for long periods. The contempoary, yet classic patterned fabric fits nicely into any home decor.


Leaf Pattern Fabric

Our hardwearing leaf pattern fabric blends classic and contempoary elements to compliment any interior.

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Dual Motors

In addition to the rise-to-stand feature, dual motors means independent control over the backrest recline and legrest lift via separate buttons on the handset.


Classic Sizing

Suiting the vast majority of users, the Bourne has a sturdy 26 stone maximum weight limit and a seat width of 20.5 Inches.

Rise to your feet with ease

At the press of a button, the Bourne will raise you into a standing position, allowing you to easily and safely get in and out of the chair. The arm-rests on the bourne are well-padded, but also on the firmer side, giving you extra stability whilst getting in and out of the chair.


Lay all the way back

With dual motors comes infinite positioning. The Bourne allows you to fully raise the legrest in line with your hips while keeping the backrest in your preferred position. A wide adjustment range allows you to really stretch out and lay almost flat if desired.

Easy to use handset

The Bourne features a easy-to-use handset with a USB charging outlet that has separate buttons for controlling the backrest and the legrest, as well as 'master' controls that will either move the chair to a raised position, or sit the chair back down and move it to a reclined position. Each position is infinitely adjustable and will stop once you take your finger off the button.


Optional battery backup

You can opt to have your chair delivered with a 9V battery backup system. When 2 x 9v square batteries are inserted (not included), it ensures that in the event of a power cut, the chair can still return to it's normal position, or lift the user out of the chair to ensure they do not get stuck.

What's included in the box?



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UK Power Adapter






12 Month Warranty

Rapid Home Setup Included

 Once ordered, you will recieve a proposed delivery date within 1 working day via text and email. Once your confirm or amend the delivery date by reply, you will also recieve a 3 hour timeslot the day before delivery. It takes just 3-4 working days from order to delivery.

On the day, our 2-man team will notify you when they are half an hour away, and upon arrival will unpack and carry the chair into your room of choice, and assemble it for you. They can also take the packaging away for you, but we strongly recommend only asking for this if you are definitely happy with the chair.


Engineer In-Home Warranty Included

As standard, our 12 month warranty includes parts, labour, and engineer call-outs to your home on all mechanical and electrical faults.

For £80, you can also choose to include our 5 year insurance, which not only extends the equivelent level of warranty cover for a 5 year period, but also adds accidental damage cover, meaning in the future, even if you stain the chair, or one of your beloved pets damages it, it's covered. You can find out more about this insurance by reading the IPID below:

Download IPID


Overall Width   84cm (33 Inches)
Overall Depth  90cm (35.5 Inches)
Overall Height  106cm (42 Inches)
Seat Height  47cm (18.5 Inches)
Seat width  52cm (20.5 Inches)
Seat depth  49cm (19 Inches)
Max User Weight  26 stone
Placement from wall  51cm (20")

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