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The Autofold Executive

Our ultimate autofolding scooter, featuring upgraded wheels, suspension, electronics, all packaged into a sleek, reinforced luxury metallic-painted frame.

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Colour: Champagne
Our Story & History

The Glebe brand has a long heritage stretching back over 30 years and now specialises in bringing innovative, premium mobility products direct to UK customers.

With more than 10 years trading Nationwide from our premesis in Wiltshire (company number 08132144) Mobility South West Limited has evolved the Glebe brand constantly over time, and what first started out as a services company to hospitals and nursing homes now has now evolved into a bustling e-commerce operation combining a strong range of exclusively-imported, futuristic and premium products with an old-school friendly attitude to customer service.

Through our many iterations over the years, we've had a great deal of time to learn not only what's important when it comes to mobility equipment, but also which aspects of our industry are stuck in the past, and are making it our mission to develop something unique with Glebe Mobility.

Most retailers in our industry are plagued by one of the following problems:

  • Low-Priced online shop selling cheap products that come with less-than-ideal warranty policies
  • Over-Priced showroom and in-home salesmen that inflate the cost of equipment hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds over their real-world value.
  • Run of the mill traditional retailers still all selling the same ancient, uninspired equipment as everybody else

Glebe Mobility was born out of recognition that as younger generations come to a phase in their life where they need a mobility product, they deserve to be excited about purchasing something that stands out from the crowd in all aspects of design, both in the appearance of our products, and the careful thought into how we can make them more useful and truly valuable for the money paid

We've condensed nearly a thousand products from our range into less than a hundred for Glebe Mobility, only bringing the best product from each category, along with our own-branded products which have each been specifically designed to bring more features to the table for the same price as other competitor products, all while looking smarter and ditching the traditional boring colours you see on every other scooter, wheelchair etc.

It's not just the products on our site that we believe are the best - It's the aftercare too. Every product comes with an engineer warranty as standard, meaning if anything goes wrong, we can send engineers, or uplift your product to our workshop completely free of charge.

See the product description for full breakdown of specifications and features
Glebe Mobility

Refined, upgraded, and refined again - The Autofold Executive is our most premium auto folding scooter to date.

The 3023 is the proudest addition to our folding scooter range and was born out of many years of success and experience in the market by world-renowned folding scooter manufacturer Solax. From the upgraded wheels to the body-coloured metallic paint, every aspect of this model has been engineered to provide a higher class of comfort and luxury than what you would typically expect from a folding scooter.

The aim of the 3023 is to provide a luxury touch to the folding scooter their most refined model yet, set apart by it's special edition metallic paint, set on a modern, minimalistic design with less exposed joints than other folding scooters.

3023 Champagne Folding-PhotoRoom.jpg__PID:95537c89-df51-4f6c-bcb5-d500843769af

"I have shown friends and family who have called in to see how the scooter folds and unfolds by the remote fob. They have all been impressed with it."

Mike W

"Excellent quality with many extra features at a very competitive price."

Alex T

"The wife finds it comfortable and it takes no more space in the supermarket than a normal wheelchair so fits down the aisles easy."

Peter S


Front Basket Included

Something not normally seen on folding scooters, we have developed a special full-size folding front basket that can be lifted off and carried.


Off-Board Charging Dock Included

Charge your scooter on, or off-board with this included dock, allowing you to take just the battery inside to charge.


Upgraded Suspension

Beefed-up, proper shock absorbers feature here instead of the small gimmicks found on other folding scooters.


Premium Alloy Frame Design

Lightweight Alloy composite frame combines with premium paints and revised panels to create a futuristic, minimalistic look.


Upgraded Tiller

The height and angle-adjustable delta wraparound tiller features USB charging and a full LCD display.


Brighter Headlight

A dense array of pure white LEDs have been installed in this model to give you proper visibility in the dark.


Larger Wheels, Smaller Turning Circle

Unlike most. our wheels are the same diameter wheels on the front and back, with an additional upgrade made in 2023 to improve the turning circle.


Solid Footplates

Unlike inferior alternatives featuring plastic wheel arches prone to snapping and grinding on the wheels, your feet can rest easy on the grippy, integrated metal footrests.


Flip-Up Armrests

Easily facilitate side transfers by flipping the arm-rests up on either side. Arm-Rests can also be unscrewed and removed if you wish.


Manual Folding Lever

You can fold the scooter with the battery removed if neccessary using the manual release lever under the seat.

3023 Champagne Folding-PhotoRoom.jpg__PID:fc63e585-2bdf-4680-a2c4-91ff8e4d3724

Electronic Folding

In addition to manually, the scooter can be electrically folded by using the integrated buttons on the tiller, or the included remote key fob.


Optional Spare Battery

Double your range with an optional spare battery. With the off-board charging dock included with this scooter, you can always have one battery on charge while on the go with the other.

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