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Baja Wrangler 2 - On & Off-Road Monster 8mph Mobility Scooter


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Colour: Desert
Battery Size: 75ah (15 Miles)
Our Story & History

The Glebe brand has a long heritage stretching back over 30 years and now specialises in bringing innovative, premium mobility products direct to UK customers.

With more than 10 years trading Nationwide from our premesis in Wiltshire (company number 08132144) Mobility South West Limited has evolved the Glebe brand constantly over time, and what first started out as a services company to hospitals and nursing homes now has now evolved into a bustling e-commerce operation combining a strong range of exclusively-imported, futuristic and premium products with an old-school friendly attitude to customer service.

Through our many iterations over the years, we've had a great deal of time to learn not only what's important when it comes to mobility equipment, but also which aspects of our industry are stuck in the past, and are making it our mission to develop something unique with Glebe Mobility.

Most retailers in our industry are plagued by one of the following problems:

  • Low-Priced online shop selling cheap products that come with less-than-ideal warranty policies
  • Over-Priced showroom and in-home salesmen that inflate the cost of equipment hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds over their real-world value.
  • Run of the mill traditional retailers still all selling the same ancient, uninspired equipment as everybody else

Glebe Mobility was born out of recognition that as younger generations come to a phase in their life where they need a mobility product, they deserve to be excited about purchasing something that stands out from the crowd in all aspects of design, both in the appearance of our products, and the careful thought into how we can make them more useful and truly valuable for the money paid

We've condensed nearly a thousand products from our range into less than a hundred for Glebe Mobility, only bringing the best product from each category, along with our own-branded products which have each been specifically designed to bring more features to the table for the same price as other competitor products, all while looking smarter and ditching the traditional boring colours you see on every other scooter, wheelchair etc.

It's not just the products on our site that we believe are the best - It's the aftercare too. Every product comes with an engineer warranty as standard, meaning if anything goes wrong, we can send engineers, or uplift your product to our workshop completely free of charge.

See the product description for full breakdown of specifications and features
Glebe Mobility

A true beast, the Wrangler 2 is not for the faint of heart and commands serious presence both on and off the road. This serious machine can handle anything you throw at it, with unmatched power and comfort to tear accoss any landscape.


Massive Power

The Wrangler features twin 2500 watt-peak motors, giving 5000 total. No other scooter comes close to even half of this, meaning the Wrangler can tear up hills and handle all types of rugged terrain, even while carrying heavier users.


New & Improved Huge Suspension

The suspension and centre of gravity has been improved from the old pride ranger that the wrangler has replaced, meaning that it breezes over all kinds of obstacles while keeping the driver comfortable.


The Largest Batteries

Twin 75ah or optional 100ah batteries are fitted to this model, giving an impressive range of 15 miles as standard, or 19 miles on the 100amp. This is based on an average weight user of 21 stone. Lighter users can expect a range of up to 21 miles with the 100 amp batteries.


Serious Stopping Power

Large twin automatic electromagnetic brakes stop the scooter quickly when taking of the throttle, and the scooter also features an additional manual handbrake for added safety due to the size and weight of the scooter.


Luxurious Comfort

In addition to the huge independent shock suspension, the ranger features a plush, well-padded, depth-adjustable captain's seat that can recline, as well as height, width and angle-adjustable arm-rests, and a adjustable headrest.


Serious Carry Capacity

Thanks to every component on this scooter being extremely heavy-duty, the scooter can carry a maximum weight of 32 stone (204kg).


Unmatched Obstacle Clearance

The wrangler has some of the biggest tyres available, and they are also twice as thick as regular scooter tyres, featuring a deep tread. Combine this with the aggressively jacked-up suspension give the wrangler a huge ground clearance, while being easiily able to ascend or descend 10cm kerbs if the need ever arose.


Reversing Sensor

A top-end flagship scooter deserves unique top-end features. The Wrangler features a backup sensor with audiable alerts to help you park such a large scooter. The scooter also includes a rear bumper in case of a knock while reversing as a safety net.


Luxury Controls

The wrangler features a full wraparound delta tiller, with easy throttle controls and a full LCD display for your battery and speed indicators. Large buttons make it easy to adjust speed and control the lights, indicators and horn.


New Steering Dampening System

An improvement over the old pride Ranger, the Wrangler features as steering dampening system, which helps keep the steering easy when navigating challenging terrain.


USB Charging Output

Need to charge your phone? The Wrangler has you covered with a USB charging output integrated into the tiller.


Built To Last

The Wrangler is built to last, with every component being refined to provide the longest lifespan. The massive power management system ensures the scooter can handle years of tough use without wearing out. The frame is also dual-coated to protect against rust and scratches.


The Specs


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32 Stone

Weight Capacity


Top Speed


Turning Radius


Total Length


Total Width

14.5 Inch


21 Mile

Max Range


Total Weight

18.5 Inch

Seat Width

5000 Watt

Peak motor output


Kerb climbing ability


Incline capable


Need something more affordable?

The pursuit 2 is still a full-size 8mph scooter with off-road capabilities, but with many of the 'overkill' features dialed back in favour of a more affordable and well-rounded package.


Options Explained

Compare the Range


The Broadwell

Our original, best-selling British adjustable bed package

  • Adjustable backrest and legrest
  • Wired remote
  • Huge range of surround designs, mattress options and fabrics
  • Outstanding value for money

DreamFlex Classic

New for 2024, a luxury upgrade to the Broadwell

  • Adjustable backrest and legrest
  • Wireless remote(s)
  • Programmable memory positions and TV. zero-g & anti-snore presets
  • Control the bed from your smartphone via an app
  • Battery backup system in case of a power cut

DreamFlex Premier

Everything Included on the DreamFlex, plus:

  • Powered lumbar and headrest adjustment
  • RGB Mood lighting system replaces the standard under-bed lighting.
  • Bluetooth speaker system integrated, ideal for those who like to listen to white noise when falling asleep.
  • Added motion sensors raise the lights when getting in and out of bed in the middle of the night.

Wiltshire High-Low

Everything included on the Broadwell, plus an electric high-low adjustment to raise the whole bed up when needed to assist wire care for more dependent users.

  • Only available in 3ft and 4ft single bed options.
  • Drawers not available due to the high-low mechanism

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